Pole Barn Greenhouse
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Looking to build a pole barn greenhouse? Well you have come the right place so stop by and see just how easy it really is bot build a pole barn greenhouse for your backyard.

A pole barn structure is a type of post-frame construction that allows you to quickly build a sturdy and reliable structure. The main aspect of a pole barn is its frame design and that the posts are buried the ground. The foundation is isn’t as elaborate as a traditional structure with footings. As such, the pole barn is efficient, easy to build and adaptable to just about any terrain.

Some pole barns will be completely enclosed but for our greenhouse, we will simply build the frame and cover with clear film or clear plastic sheeting. Others have even built pole barns using extra windows from remodel jobs and spare parts. Your options are as endless as your creativity.

Pole Barn Greenhouse from Recycled Windows

How to Build a Pole Barn Greenhouse

1. Acquire your materials

This will include getting the 2×4’s, screws and plastic film that we will use for our basic structure. Some of the lumber that is at the bottom of the greenhouse should be green or pressure treated lumber so it doesn’t rot over time or get infected with insects.

The 2×4 Basics Shed Kit that we typically recommend lists out the proper amount of lumber needed for the project size of your choice along with the instructions.

2×4 Basics Peak Style Shed Kit

Materials Listing (all the lumber needed)
Plastic Sheating (to cover the outside)
Building Instructions (the step by step instructions)

2. Prepare the Base

The base of your pole barn greenhouse should be fairly level and have decent drainage. Many will used crushed rock as the foundation but some of my greenhouses, I just removed the grass and weeds and leveled out the dirt and left it at that. Others have put in rubber patio stones or pavers or even put down a weed barrier. The coolest one that I did actually put in artificial grass and interlocking garden tiles.

Mark out the area of your base with steaks and string. This will give you an idea of the area and size.

3. Frame Your Pole Barn Greenhouse

Simply follow the steps in the instructions. Like I mentioned before, it is really like building with Tinker Toys or Lincoln Logs. The 2×4 Basic Shed Kit, only requires square cuts. The rest is just assembling. Now, we only use the kit to build the frame, we don’t put the plywood on the outside or the roof.

4. Install the Plastic Film

Now that the frame is built, we start putting on the plastic sheeting in place of the plywood in the instructions. We cover the walls and roof with the plastic film. The plastic film that we recommend is a 6 mil UV treated film that is designed for greenhouses.

5. Build and Install the Greenhouse Door

We then jump back to the 2×4 Basics Shed Kit instructions and build the door and attached it. It is also covered with the plastic film.

6. Bring in All Your Plants

That’s it, your pole barn greenhouse is completely done and ready to start growing your plants. And don’t forget to add some shelving to your new greenhouse.

Benefits of a Pole Barn Greenhouse

Easier Foundation

One problem with traditional construction is establishing the foundation. For a pole barn greenhouse, you just need a clean and level area. You may need some concrete for the poles but that depends on your design. Otherwise, you can just leave the floor as dirt or even put in some gravel to keep the weeds down.

Less Expensive

In general the pole barn greenhouse requires less lumber. For the pole barn greenhouse, the only lumber you will need is for the poles. Everything else will be clear plastic sheeting or clear plastic sheets. As well, the lack of a poured foundation significantly reduces the cost. In essence less materials, less cost.

Less Labor Intensive

Since the pole barn greenhouse has less materials and are typcially pretty small, they are perfect for a DIYer to do in a weekend. The last pole barn greenhouse, I built took me about two days to build and it was really to bring in the plants. The kits that we use makes it like building with Tinker Toys or Lincoln Logs. A few simple cuts and assemble the frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pole barn greenhouses suitable for snowy climates?

Yes, you can build your pole barn greenhouse as sturdy as you need. Often times in the snowier climates, we will use clear plast sheets instead of plastic sheeting.

Do I Need a Permit to Build a Pole Barn Greenhouse?

I would recommend you check with your local government on the rules. Some will require a building permit for any type of outdoor structure and some will not require it for small outshed. Also, make sure you contact your local authorities if you and digging holes for the primary support poles. You don’t want to dig into a gas, electrical or cable line.

Conclusion on Pole Barn Greenhouse

As you can see it is pretty easy to build a pole barn greenhouse. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you will.

Make sure to check out our greenhouse gallery for some other inspirations.

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