Hey, thanks for stopping by – very nice of you. I’m Thomas and I’m guessing since you’ve made your way here, either I’ve insulted your favorite combination of red and hot pink roses and you want to know the fastest way of telling me off, or else you actually read one of my articles and want to know more about me. Here goes:

What is GreenhouseXpress?

This is the place to get my professional take on greenhouses, garden tools, and the latest doings in the gardening world. I’m a big fan of learning about garden tricks and organic solutions.

Who are you, anyway?

Well, to begin with, I’ve got “a bit of an attitude”, according to my family and especially my daughter. Don’t worry though, honestly, I am pretty easy going but I do like to ask lots of questions. Always learning you know!

Where’d I get my gardening chops?

Well, It all started many years ago. Each of us grandkids got to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for a few weeks in the summer. Yea no parents! Well, we learned real quick that Grandpa was a gardener and before we got to do any fun stuff like fishing, we had to work in the garden and do chores. “Food ain’t free and it tastes better when you work with it”, Grandpa always said. Anyhow, we learned tons of natural tips and trick from him since he grew up on the prairie in a small cabin with dirt floors and walking up hill both ways to school. His greenhouse was larger than most people’s home and the garden took up 6 lots. I would say that all of this is was then prompted me to answer that proverbial “wWat are you going to do with your life?” questions by going to and graduating horticulture school at the University of Nebraska Lincoln–GO BIG RED! So yeah, I did that and now they pay me to manage greenhouses and stuff. I know right!

Where exactly do you live?

Nebraska. I’ll wait while you Google it. Here we can go through all four seasons in one day. I’ve actually seen it snow, rain, and hit 75 degrees in one day. We won’t even talk about the hail stones and tornado’s.

What’s this whole website thingy about? Why are you doing this?

In my work, I meet people all the time, who think they can’t garden because someone sold them a couple of pots of “perennials”, that are actually annuals and are supposed to die the first year. When everything dies, they think they can’t do it, they have a brown thumb, that nothing looks right and gardening’s not at all what they imagined. So I started this to change all that. Also, I like to teach and this seemed like a good way to get the word out (Lord only know my daughter just rolls her eyes when i started talking about work…)


If you’d like to send me tokens of your devotion (home brew is especially appreciated) or invite me to write for your fine publication, drop me a line.

Thanks for stopping by!