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On the lookout for the best greenhouse kits that money can buy? Well, lucky for you, you are about to learn about four of them!

Before we delve deeper into that, though, do you know the things you should consider when looking for a greenhouse kit? Is it about having the best structure? Ventilation? Space?

Actually, it is a combination of all these factors. The most important issue, however, is how it can manage air and sunlight. Hence, it is not all about ventilation but also the right capacity to break down sunlight in specific areas around the greenhouse. With this, you can put a variety of plants inside.

Best Greenhouse Kits: The Four Contenders

Now that you know what to look out for in choosing a greenhouse kit, you are now ready to take a look at four different greenhouses. We are going to talk about their features, as well as the pros and cons of using them.

Are you ready to find the greenhouse kit that deserves a permanent spot in your home? Then keep on reading!

1. Palram Nature Harmony Greenhouse

Starting off with a very impressive-looking greenhouse kit, we have the Palram Nature Harmony Greenhouse. If you’ve ever seen a fancy-looking greenhouse in movies and TV shows, this is exactly the type that you saw. Even though it looks professionally built, two people can actually set up this greenhouse.

Measuring in at six feet by eight feet, this greenhouse is enough to make any green thumb happy. It boasts crystal clear polycarbonate panels, which are virtually unbreakable.

What’s more is that these panels slide and lock into position, making assembly even more hassle-free. It has adjustable vent windows that help in maintaining humidity and temperature levels.

To support its sturdy build, this greenhouse features a powder-coated aluminum frame that is painted green. It has a galvanized steel base too, which adds proper alignment and structural support to the greenhouse. With this combination, it is clear to see that this greenhouse is designed to withstand harsh weather. It is resistant to rusting too!

Easy to assemble
Comes with everything that you need
Provides proper ventilation
Can hold its own against strong winds
The door height is low
Panels might crack after a while

2. Palram Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse

Moving on to yet another greenhouse from Palram, we have the Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse. Now, what makes it to our list of the best greenhouse kits today? Let’s find out!

This greenhouse is tagged as a hybrid because of the fact that you will be able to hang plants inside it differently compared to other greenhouses.

Accordingly, with this one, you already get 10 plant hangers along with your purchase. These hangers can support hanging baskets, vine crops, and others.

What’s even more fascinating about this greenhouse is that its roof panels are made of twin-walled polycarbonate, which measures no more than four millimeters each.

What can these do? Well, these panels can diffuse sunlight and block up to 90% of UV rays! Now that’s something you would want for your dear plants.

In addition to the polycarbonate roof panels, you also get to enjoy polycarbonate side panels and a rust-resistant, aluminum frame. This greenhouse has a door catch that is magnetic, and a base that is made of galvanized steel for reinforced structural support.

Lastly, there are two colors to choose from, which are forest green and silver.

Easy to set up
Stable and durable
Can withstand rains and winds
Looks great
Can get too hot
Poor customer service
Problems with shelving

3. Outsunny Portable Walk-in Garden Greenhouse

The next greenhouse that we are going to discuss is not actually properly named. Why? It is because it is not really that portable. As far as portability goes, it is only portable by way of its easy setup design, but other than that, once you set this up, it is actually a bit difficult to tear down and be moved to another place.

Measuring six feet long, eight feet wide, and seven feet high, this greenhouse provides enough space to allow for comfortable gardening all year round. Most of its components are made of polycarbonate, making sure that your plants are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The frame, on the other hand, is crafted from powder-coated aluminum alloy. This ensures that the greenhouse is sturdy yet still easily manageable. It is also rust-resistant. For a strong greenhouse that can survive almost anything, the base was galvanized.

Moreover, with your convenience in mind, a sliding door is added to provide you with easy access in and out of the greenhouse. A rooftop vent panel is also used to help with proper ventilation.

Easy to set up
Great customer service
Looks nice
Spacious design
Still needs a lot of other things to be secure
Weak against harsh conditions
Panels can fall apart

4. Abba Patio Garden Greenhouse

The last greenhouse that we are going to discuss is actually the simplest one. It is deemed so because its design does not require a lot of attachments. In fact, all it needs is proper frame construction, and you are good to go.

Let us first start with its door. This greenhouse features two zippered doors, which both help with ventilation and provide easy access. Next up, we think that the reinforced transparent PE cover is also worth mentioning. This allows the sun to pass through, but at the same time, protects the plants from too much exposure.

The frame is made out of heavy-duty steel. Similar to the other frames from other greenhouses on this list, it is also powder-coated to prevent any peeling or rusting. Perfect for climate control, this greenhouse boasts six netted windows that can easily be rolled up.

Durable and sturdy
Easy to set up
Has a lot of space
Can get too hot
Hard to adjust temperature using doors and windows

Which Is the Best One?

Of the four greenhouse kits we discussed, we think that the best of the best is the Palram Nature Harmony Greenhouse. It is a very versatile yet user-friendly greenhouse that is also just the right size to accommodate a pretty good amount of plants.

With its simple yet functional features, you can easily customize the humidity and temperature levels inside this greenhouse. It is the perfect greenhouse kit for both beginners and experienced gardeners alike.

Important Things To Consider When Looking For A Greenhouse Kit

Greenhouses are becoming more and more popular as people are looking to grow their own food and other crops. Not only are people looking at producing their own foods in order to escape from those available from supermarkets, but survivalists and doom preppers have decided it is a great way to prepare against a possible apocalypse.

There are also those interested in growing other crops inside a greenhouse, especially with the growing interest in legalized marijuana. As such, many are looking at the possibility of building a greenhouse. However, there are some important things to consider when looking for a greenhouse kit that anyone looking at building a greenhouse should keep in mind.

Legal Issues

The least obvious problem is that there may some legal issues with building a greenhouse. Some areas restrict agricultural uses, while others have limits on the size and materials of greenhouses. Thus, you will need to do some research on local rules and permits to make sure that building a greenhouse is even allowed or to check on what forms need to be filled out.

Also, do not assume that just because someone else has a greenhouse that it is allowable for you to do so; some greenhouses were grandfathered in and others probably should not have been built in the first place. You do not want to build a greenhouse only to have to demolish it or get fined for it later on.

Materials Being Used

The materials also need to be debated as well. Some areas have limits on what kind of materials may be used and those restrictions need to be allowed for.

While some of those restrictions are for aesthetic reasons and to avoid the area from losing value, others are for practical reasons. For example, plastic is often restricted, and glass may be a problem in others. Other materials may be limited as well, such as cement.

In general, as long as the appearance of the greenhouse is kept neat and within bounds there should be no problem with local regulations.

Greenhouse Space Needed

The most obvious is to make sure that you have room for the kit. The usual “measure twice, cut once” applies, especially given the cost and problems of transporting some kits.

You should measure out the area that you have available and then re-measure just to make sure. While you are at it, look for any possible obstructions that need to be planned around or that may limit the height or other dimensions of the greenhouse. That should help you immensely when looking at greenhouses, and an expert can help with any usual problems.

What Plants Do You Want To Grow?

You should also keep in mind what you will be growing in the greenhouse. Different kinds of plants have their own requirements regarding space and other environmental factors. This means that what may have seemed like an easy project will get more complicated rather quickly, especially if the plants require different humidities and amounts of sunlight.

If those factors are too different than it may just be better to build multiple greenhouses next to each other, and that needs to be allowed for. Also, you may be trying different kinds of beds and fertilizers, and that needs to be allowed for.

Good Water Source

There are also all of the other amenities. Obviously a water source is going to need to allowed for, even though a hose from the house is perfectly acceptable.

If there are electrical appliances, such as heaters and humidifiers, those need to be allowed for as well in order to allow for the environment outside the greenhouse, and that may include a generator as well, depending on constant those appliances are being used.

It should be noted that zoning regulations may apply, and it never hurts to have a professional contractor look over things just to make sure that everything connects as needed.

Heavy Storage Requirements

Storage will also be an important issue. Greenhouses are not as simple as they look, and some owners make it a point to have spare parts as well as related supplies on hand.

Fertilizer and soils also need to stored somewhere nearby, especially during growing season. For some greenhouses a supply of seeds is also important, as well as any needed pesticides and weedkillers.

All of these different items, including tools, need to be allowed for and have their own storage areas. If children are going to be allowed in the greenhouse, then precautions against the children being exposed to danger need to be allowed for as well. Admittedly these are relatively minor problems and sometimes just having some boxes and tool chests work.

Waste Disposal

Waste from the greenhouse needs to be allowed for as well. A lot of that waste will obviously be green waste from cuttings and culled plants, as well as any additional preparation during harvest.

There is also the waste of bags used for fertilizer and seed, as well as any empty containers. Runoff water also needs to be debated, especially in areas where fertilizer-laden water is not allowed to join the normal sewers.

While the amount of waste created by the average greenhouse may not seem like much, it can get onerous, especially when local rules are considered.

Kit Conclusion

Obviously, before you start looking for a greenhouse it helps to have an idea of everything you will need. While the checklist will seem a lot longer than you were expecting to be, it should allow you to deal with virtually any issue before it becomes a problem, making all of this worrying worth it.

As long as all of these important things to consider when looking for a greenhouse kit will make your life easier when you actually build the greenhouse.

Not only will you have a plan of attack when you build it, but you will be very familiar with everything you need to allow for, and will have a far better idea of the actual expense.

Just make sure that you have someone else look over the completed greenhouse for potential issues and you should have something that allows you to grow whatever crops you want it to for a long time.

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