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When I was putting my greenhouse project together, I soon found myself asking, “What exactly is the best greenhouse plastic sheeting on the market?”

There are tons of options!  Easy to get confused – I know I did!

First of all, my recommendation:

Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film Polyethylene Covering

Best Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting amazon-buy

This stuff is great!  Why?

  • It’s UV treated which will help keep it intact with all the sun beating down on it.
  • Superior strength and durability.
  • Transmits a high amount of light for great plant growth.
  • 4 year guarantee.

Choosing The Best Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting

Silo Greenhouse Best Plastic Sheeting

If you are thinking about building a greenhouse, you should consider the plastic covering that will best suit your greenhouse.

When it comes to plastic, you have many options so you will definitely find the product that meets your needs.

Below are some of the most popular options for you when choosing plastic for your greenhouse build:

Considering Good (Or Bad) Weather Conditions For Good Greenhouses

The first thing you should consider is the weather condition in the area where your greenhouse is located. If the area is wet and cold, you will require something that is relatively thick.

On the other hand, if the area is just cool during the winter but does not experience frost, you can opt for something light.

Once you have this at the back of your mind, you can choose the top rated greenhouse plastic that meets your needs.

What Top Greenhouse Plastic Material Options Are There?

Hoop Greenhouse Best Plastic Sheeting

Good greenhouse covering material includes:


This is one of the most common options for greenhouse owners.

Polyethylene has a huge advantage in the sense that small tears can be repaired easily. This makes it convenient and relatively cheap for greenhouse owners.

This plastic comes in two different strengths. These are commercial grade and utility grade. You can use the commercial for industrial applications but for most home owners, the best option is the utility grade.

Polyethylene plastic can last a year or two so it is a smart choice.


The great thing about copolymer plastic is that it has more quality than polyethylene. In fact, some of the more expensive ones are so good that they mimic the effects of glass.

This plastic is durable and can cope with tough weather conditions. If you invest in Copolymer plastic, it will last three to four years.


This type of plastic is quite expensive but it has excellent quality. Polyvinyl is highly durable and can last as long as five years.

For some greenhouse owners, polyvinyl plastic might be very expensive but it gives excellent value for money for those who can afford it.


Polycarbonate Greenhouse PanelIf you are looking for the best greenhouse plastic, polycarbonate plastic is the way to go.

This is the most durable plastic out there and it can last for up to ten years if it is properly maintained.

It typically comes in sheets of 2′ wide x 6′ long and you can even cut it down to match the size you need.

The best thing about this plastic is that it maintains heat and humidity. This makes it the perfect choice for all year growing.

Anti-Drip Option

In very wet areas where too much rain and condensation may be an inconvenience, you should consider condensate control or anti-drip plastic sheeting.

The advantage of this option is that this sheeting will reduce the condensation that may block sunlight. In addition, using this plastic will prevent moisture from dripping on your plants.

Our Final Word On Greenhouse Plastic

If you are choosing plastic for your greenhouse build, you should consider factors like weather and cost. The best move is to consult an expert so that you get a professional opinion before you take a decision. Once you have found the leading greenhouse plastic material, you should get an accurate measurement and cut it to fit the dimensions of your greenhouse.

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