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Indoor gardening is really taking off in recent years and especially in urban areas. It is also great for commercial growers who want to make a profit from the legalization of plants in various jurisdictions.

To enable indoor gardening, you need the right equipment to maintain optimal conditions for the plants to grow and produce excellent yields. What you need is a hydroponic grow kit.

To make your indoor gardening endeavors can become a success, check out these reviews that focus on the best hydroponic grow kits in the market: Complete Indoor Grow Kit — Best Hydroponic Grow Kit

BudGrower Complete Kit - Best Hydroponic Grow KitThis is the ideal growing kit for those who are starting out or those that want a turkey solution right out of the box.

It comes complete with everything you will need to grow your plants.

Inside the kit you will find the grow tent with dimensions 24”x24”x60”, lighting system, inline fan, air filter system, growing pots, hydroponics soil and thermostat.

Everything in the package is high quality so you can be sure of longevity and value for money.

For the lights you can choose to go with the HPS lights with HPS bulbs or LED lights.

We strongly recommend the LED lights system because it is highly efficient.

The tent is made of tough material and comes with steel set-up poles so that it is sturdy when installed. The installation is easy and no tools are necessary.

When installed the tent can hold up to 300 pounds it can easily hold the weight of the lights and fans when installed.

The kit comes with a carbon filter which coupled with the vents on the tent keep away odors and moisture. The filter has a lifespan of two years.

Speaking of which, the entire kit comes with a warranty of three years which excludes the fan and filter. When you need a turnkey but high quality solution then this is the kit for you.


TopoLite Grow Tent Room Complete Kit Hydroponic Growing System

Topolite GrowTent KitThis is the other best hydroponic grow kit that comes with a tent that can be adjusted in height upwards as your plants grow by 4 inches.

The tent measures 24”x24”x48”.

Inside, it is made of 96% highly reflective Mylar to ensure total reflection of the light inside the tent.

The outside is 600D touch oxford material. For setup you get 16mm white coated metal rods with high duty plastic connectors.

The system also comes with a 4” inline fan and carbon filter system. This ensures that there is proper air flow in the tent and that odor, moisture and unwanted gases are expelled.

You can set up the fan and the carbon filter system in three different ways to ensure maximum efficiency.

The kit comes with a 300W LED with 13 bands for a full spectrum that mimics the light from the sun. You can use this light for all stages of the plant growth.

Besides you also get Velcro replaceable filters and flange for the ducts.

This kit will get you ready and rolling quickly because when it is installed you will only have to worry about getting the plants, nutrients and pots.


Gorilla Grow Tent LITE (4′ x 4′) LED Combo Package

Gorilla 4x4 Grow Tent KitThe Gorilla grow tent is the well packaged grow kit with all the bells and whistles that you need for efficient indoor gardening.

It comes with quite a big tent at 4’ x 4’ which gives you enough space to stock up quite a number of full grown plants and still have working space.

The package comes with a Hydrofarm dual analog timer that allows you to automate activities in the tent.

There is a thermometer included in the package for monitoring the temperatures inside the tent.

You also get two Active Air fans with speed control to make it easy to maintain the desired conditions inside the tent.

The kit comes with a 750 CPM carbon air filter with an 8” inline fan that ensures the air inside the tent is odor free.

The lighting is full spectrum and achieved through a Kind LED XL750 grow light that emits light of wavelength from 300nm to 830nm.

You can therefore rest easy knowing your plants will have the needed light for photosynthesis in any stage of their growth.

The ducting material is long at 25’ to ensure that you can set up the ducts to go as far away as you want.

This kit contains products that are made of high quality so you are assured of longevity.

When you want a package that comes with all the technology needed for successful indoor growing then this is it.


HTG Supply 3 x 3 (39″x39″x79″) Grow Tent Kit

HTG 3x3 Grow Tent KitIf you already have your seeds and are looking for a kit to start growing immediately without having to purchase anything else then this is the kit for you!

It comes packed with; the tent, 400W HPS grow light, a mechanical timer, two fans, four 3.5gallon hydroponic systems, advanced nutrients for the plant, and a thermometer / hygrometer.

You can therefore be sure that you will start planting right after setup.

The tent is adequate at 3’ x 3’ and the interior is highly reflective.

You get a HPS light system to provide the photosynthetic light that your plants will need.

The tent is high at 85” to support your plants when they are fully grown.

The system comes with the hydroponic system so all you have to do is setup and plant. Everything has been designed to work in tandem so that you get a bountiful harvest.

This is a great starter kit for those who are afraid they might miss something when purchasing items individually.

When you want to take the guesswork out of indoor planting then this is the ideal kit.

The light provided is just right for the space and the hydroponics system comes complete with two liters of nutrients for your plants.


Oppolite LED Grow Light Tent Complete Kit Hydroponic Growing System

Oppolite Complete Hydroponic Growing KitThe Oppolite LED grow tent comes with a powerful grow light made using the chip on board (COB) design.

This design ensures high intensity and full spectrum light is delivered from the four 200W COB bulbs that contain 64 3W LEDs.

The light draws only 210W power which means lower power bills for you.

The LEDs have a Zener connection so if one blows out the rest continue to operate.

The tent is made of 96% reflective diamond Mylar material on the inside and waterproof and tough 600D oxford material on the outside. You can therefore be assured on durability and toughness of the tent.

There is a carbon filter system that comes complete with the ducts and fan.

The tent is quite huge at 48” x 48” and the height is adjustable from 80” + 6”.

This ensures that you can have several plants comfortably in the tent when they are fully grown. Everything included in the kit is high quality to ensure longevity and exemplary performance.


What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of agriculture that involves growing plants in a nutrient rich solution instead of using soil. With hydroponics the roots of the plants are exposed to the solution where the nutrients are in plenty and therefore plants grow quickly than they would in soil.

In soil the plants have to spread their roots far and wide to get the nutrients and therefore have to be spaced out but with hydroponics you can fit many plants in a small space since the nutrients are readily available.

With hydroponics you produce organic food because use of pesticides is reduced as most of these reside in the soil. You are also able to grow plants in areas where farming land is not available.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Grow Kit?

If you are wondering whether you should get a growing kit, here are some advantages and downsides to owning one that will help you decide.


  • You can grow your plants all year round
  • You do not need access to land to grow your plants
  • Growing kits give better yield
  • A growing kit enhances growth of the plants since nutrients are delivered effectively to the plants
  • There is minimal wastage of water and nutrients
  • A growing kit is easy to set up, use and dismantle when not in use
  • Controlled environment for the most ideal conditions for the plant you are growing


  • The initial cost can be inhibiting especially when you want to grow on a large scale.
  • The system is power dependent
  • You need to keep monitoring the system critically if it is not automated to ensure optimal conditions at all times.

What to Look for in a Grow Kit

Best Growing Tent Kits


The grow kits come in different sizes therefore you need to know the space you have so you can choose the ideal size for your space. You might need to buy several kits to fill up a space or to get the yield that you desire at the end of the cycle.


Not all grow kits are made equal. It is important to look at the quality of the items included in the grow kit. The tent should be made of high quality material and should come with a strong metal frame. Ensure that you get the most durable kit if you are going to get the best out of it.

Soil or Soilless

You should decide whether you want to grow your plants on soil or you want to use hydroponics. If you want to grow on soil then it means the kit you go for should not have the hydroponic system as that would go to waste. If you want to use hydroponics it is best to choose a kit which comes with all the necessary equipment to allow that including nutrients.

Grow Light

In order for the plants to flourish you will need a full spectrum glow light. Many of the best grow kits in the market come with either HPS or LED lights that ensure your plants get the light they need for photosynthesis and therefore growth.

Other Equipment

There are many other equipment that you will need for successful indoor gardening. They include inline fans, air-filter, thermometers, growing pots, and timers. Ensure that you choose a kit that comes with everything you will need to grow your plants successfully and get a bountiful yield.

Types of Hydroponic Grow Systems

Hydroponic Types


This is the simplest hydroponic system that is passive. The nutrients are put in a container and the plant is in another contain. The nutrient solution is wicked through growing media like coco or perlite to the plant.

Deep Water Culture

This is the most preferred system by most growers because it is highly efficient. The plants are submerged into the nutrient solution with their roots in the solution 24/7. Oxygen is introduced into the water to ensure the plants do not wither.


This is another system that ensures maximum yields because the plants get a lot of oxygen. The roots of the plant are usually hanged mid-way through air and the lower half in the nutrient solution. This system is good for those who are conversant with hydroponics as it is a bit complicated to build.

Nutrient Film

In the nutrient film system, the nutrient solution flows through the tubes where the plants are grown albeit in a very shallow solution. The flow of the solutions should be maintained throughout for the plants to get the most of the nutrients.

Ebb & Flow

The ebb and flow also called the flood and drain system is also very common and easy to setup. In this system the roots of the plant are completely submerged in the nutrient solution periodically and then the solution is drained to the reservoir and the process is repeated. It therefore requires a pump for the constant flooding and draining.

Drip System

Just like in drip irrigation, the nutrient solution is delivered in drops to the base of the plant. This is a highly versatile system and the most preferred commercially especially where large scale growing is being done.

Final Thoughts

For beginners in indoor gardening, we recommend choosing a kit that offers a turnkey solution with everything you need to plant right out of the box. This removes the hassle of having to buy everything that is needed individually and reduce the chances that you will buy something with the wrong specifications. A kit that is complete with the hydroponics system is ideal for a beginner.

Also, we recommend these books to get you started on hydroponic gardening.

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