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Every garden job will go smoothly by utilizing a wheelbarrow. The best wheelbarrow is designed to be effortlessly pushed by a single person using the handles at the rear. Wheelarrows are pretty common in all industries as they make it easier to transport materials with simple human energy. They are highly helpful in transporting heavy and large loads into tight spaces and through gates. Wheelbarrows are also common in the construction industry. Everyone will benefit from the best wheelbarrow, so get the best model and it will practically last forever.

Best Wheelbarrow for Garden

Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart 

It is one of the best heavy duty wheelbarrows specially designed with a quick-release unload feature. The Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart makes it easy to transport materials around the yard when doing garden and landscaping projects or around the job site.

Made of high-strength poly with a steel frame and black finish, this cart is simply maintenance-free, easy to clean and rust resistant. As such, it will provide years of dependable service. This cart also saves time and reduces fatigue with its patented quick-release dump design.

Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart

Features and Specifications

It is perfectly designed with a 40 inches by 25-inches rust resistant poly bed sitting on a completely steel frame. The 13-inch tires let you easily tackle all kinds of terrains and gripped handle that is conveniently pulled by hands. The handle also converts so it can by attached to a hitch for towing. It can hold heavy weight of about 1,200 pounds and itself weighs only 58.6 pounds and is 25-inches in height.

  • Massive 1200 pound carrying capacity.
  • Steel frame and high-strength poly rust-resistant basin, so it is easier to clean and maintenance-free.
  • Saves time with the quick-release dump design.
  • The 5/8 inch diameter narrow padded handles and axles are designed for trouble-free transport.
  • Can be hooked up to a riding mower or ATV
Pro Green check Easy load dumping
Pro Green check Less maintenance required
Pro Green check Durable and sturdy
Con Yellow check Harder to move while carrying larger weights


Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart

At present, the Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart is one of the best wheelbarrow because of its effective features and specs. With the help of this wheelbarrow, one can make their garden or yard work very easy since this yard rover is designed to be ergonomic and lightweight.

One can also easily balance it due to its effort of lower lifting. It is also easily maneuverable. This Marathon Dual-Wheel Yard Rover is suitable for all kind of projects and works and also all kinds of people can handle it in an effective manner.

Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

Product Features and Specifications

  • The Marathon Yard Rover can able to drag materials like top soil, mulch, yard waste, logs, rocks, debris, and much more.
  • The load capacity of this Marathon Yard Rover is 300 lbs
  • The length of the tray is 36 inches
  • The width of the tray is 27.5 inches
  • The total weight of Marathon Yard Rover is around 29 lbs only
  • This will be suitable for all kind of gardening work
  • The size of the bed is 5 cubic feet
Pro Green check Lightweight
Pro Green check Easy to assemble
Pro Green check Children can use it
Pro Green check High quality and great ergonomic design
Pro Green check Affordable
Con Yellow check Little bit uneasy to use at first time around


Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow With Front Braces

Those who are seeking contractor quality wheelbarrow should most definitely look at the Jackson M6T22 wheelbarrow. Whatever your tough task may be, the Jackson M6T22 can reduce your job’s difficulty while providing a comfortable feel.

It gets positive reviews among buyers because of its excellent features and multiple benefits. You can definitely reduce the effort carrying heavyweight loads and make a whole day task go faster with the Jackson M6T22 contractor wheelbarrow.

Jackson M6T22

Features and specifications

  • The heavy and sturdy frame delivers unparalleled design and front braces to stand.
  • The H brace, leg shoes and steel cross strips are the excellent feature providing next level comfort.
  • The 16-inches tubed tires and heavy duty steel tray capable to hold excess weight of gravel, wood, sand, etc.
  • The 6 cubic foot capacity in this contractor wheelbarrow allows you easier pulling and maneuverability where you want to transport the loads.
  • Compact shape and light-weight.
Pro Green check Lightweight
Pro Green check Works in all terrains
Pro Green check Design is tip resistant
Pro Green check Affordable
Con Yellow check Some effort required to get started with a heavy load


Polar Trailer 8449 7 Cubic Feet Heavy-Duty Cub Cart, 50 by 28 by 29-Inch

With the assistance of this wheelbarrow, one can make quick work of any yard or garden task. The Polar Cub Cart is lightweight and ergonomic and doesn’t require as much running effort as it has lower lift point.

It is reasonable for all sorts of tasks like black dirt, firewood and even rock. With its lower lift point, all sort of young and older individuals can deal with it in a compelling way.

Polar Trailer 8449

Product Features and Specifications

  • The load capacity of Polar Cub Cart is 400 lbs
  • The weight of Polar Cub Cart is 35 lbs
  • One can dump more items easily into it to work in a garden and it will support well
  • The load size of Polar Cub Cart is 7 cubic feet
  • This product is made with the high impact of polyethylene tub
  • The tire size of Polar Cub Cart is 2-16 inches X 4.8 inches. The tires are widely rugged with wide tracks. Shielded ball bearings are also used.
  • The dimensions of Polar Cub Cart is 50 inches X 28 inches X 29 inches
  • Optimum balance
Pro Green check Easy to assemble
Pro Green check Very light weight
Pro Green check Reasonable Cost
Pro Green check Comfortable to use
Con Yellow check Tough to pull with heavy loads


Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow, 6 Cubic Feet, Black

The Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow is designed with efficiency in mind. In fact, some of my favorite features are the pour design and Ash handles. Of course, the Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow is designed and is suitable for using at home or for construction purposes. The color is a standard black and it is attractive and use for long term. The whellbarrow bed is made up off corrosion proof poly tray and has plenty of cubic feet for just about any job.

Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow

Features and Specifications

  • Solid double clear coated American Ash handles.
  • Unique pouring design.
  • The product dimension is 59.8×29.5×26.5 inches and weight ranges only 29 pounds.
  • It is tiny for carrying loads simply and thus has good pretty condition on carrying loads without any hassles.
  • Effortlessly transports the load and hence is easy on the user.
Pro Green check Easy to move and nimble
Pro Green check Durable
Pro Green check Very Light weight
Con Yellow check Could be sturdier


Choosing the Right Wheelbarrow

There are many types of wheel borrow available to buy in the market so it becomes hard to choose right wheelbarrow. In order to solve such a problem, we have come up with the five-steps which give you a hand in order to pick the best wheelbarrow.

Fabric metal or plastic
At first, you must decide which type of wheelbarrow to buy in the market because you can examine in both metal and plastic (or poly). Commonly, the wheelbarrow buckets are made with the option of both steel and plastic. When you come to buy the steel, you know it can cope with loads of many different weights.

When you buy plastic, which is less complicated on the back and it is well fine applicable for mild gardening. Plastic does not rust after long time use, so some argue that it is the best option. But if you want to go with high load works just go with the steel wheelbarrow.

Handles are very important as they help you control the wheelbarrow. Conventional/ergonomic handles offer higher maneuverability and provide easy tilting, flipping and also dumping. Hence they need some extra length in the handle to provide that finer control. When you come to choose a handle and single bar grips are ergonomically superior and also make pulling simpler with no risk and trouble of it.

Some wheelbarrows have a handle or can be converted to be used as a towing wheelbarrow. This is fine if you have a lawn tractor or ATV to use it with but without those, it is a bit more difficult to move around.

Wheels: one, two or more?
Here the conventional wheelbarrow has one wheel which is located in the front and center of the unit. This tripod design creates a wheelbarrow that is easy to dump and move comfortably. If you go with the front wheel it provides additional stability.  The only drawback that I have experienced is that it is a bit of pain on hills or steep slopes.

Those with two, three or even four wheels, can typically handler larger weights but that sometimes comes at the expense of maneuverability.

Another consideration is the type of tires. Most high-quality wheelbarrows will have pneumatic tires, which are filled with air (similar to car tires). By far, these are the best tires you can have on your wheelbarrow because they roll smoothly over almost any type of terrain. Unfortunately, many less expensive models skimp on the tires and make them out of plastic or without any tread. Those are to be avoided at all costs.

Bed Size/Cargo Volume
No, we are talking queen or king when we talk about bed size. Rather, the size of the load or more specifically, the cubic feet that the bed can handle. The larger the bed, the heavier it will be to move. As well, the type of material will also make a difference in the bed size. Typically, steel or metal beds will be able to handle larger, heavier loads. While the plastic (or poly) beds won’t be able to handle as much weight. On the flip side, the metal beds add to the overall weight of the wheelbarrow. Plastic one are much lighter so you don’t have a much additional weight to move around.

We all know that we don’t have a money tree in the back yard! When it comes to buying the best wheelbarrow on the market, you must compare the price of the wheelbarrows so that you get one that meets your needs but doesn’t break your bank (or worse make your spouse ask why you spent so much!)

Conclusion on the Best Wheelbarrow
Finally, the best wheelbarrow will be one that is designed to perfectly match your purposes and help you carry loads efficiently while allow your to not over exert yourself. Happy Gardening!

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