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Best Hydroponic Grow Kits

To enable indoor gardening, you need the right equipment to maintain optimal conditions for the plants to grow and produce excellent yields. What you need is a hydroponic grow kit. But which one should you choose?

Best Vegetables

15 Vegetables that Grow Well in the Shade

Almost every garden or greenhouse has an area that has more shade than sun. You can still use that spot for gardening if you use vegetables that don’t require as much sun. We did some research and found the 15 more common vegetables that grow well in the shade.

Compost Pile

30 Unique Compostable Items You Can Start Using Today

Do you know that we currently toss out enough food scraps and yard waste to make up about one third of the materials in landfills? Instead of adding to this problem, what can you do about making compost to help reduce this problem? How about a list of compostable items that you probably did’t know are compostable.