Marijuana leaves turning yellow
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Marijuana plant involves many stages from growing to harvesting. You should take care at every stage to get a good weed harvest at the end. But many people, especially the beginners, ask about their marijuana leaves turning yellow during flowering. This is one of the major defects in the growth of marijuana.

The reasons for yellow leaves of marijuana plants are manifold. If you are the one who wants to know why marijuana leaves turn yellow, this article is for you only.

Yellow Marijuana Leaves

Reasons for Marijuana Leaves Turning Yellow.

Overwatering or under watering the plant

Marijuana needs a proper wet-dry cycle. When you notice that the plant is dry, add water to it. You should provide ample water at the right time. If the pot is heavy, you can buy a humidity meter to check the amount of moisture in the pot. The beginners must set up the timers and reservoirs to water the plant regularly.

How to treat this problem?

You have to study the plant’s post-feeding behavior. Do not put a high amount of water into the plant as it can cause root rot. Putting little water will stop the growth of the plant. You should maintain a diary for noting down the growth processes.

Lack of nutrients Causes Top Leaves Yellowing Flowering

One of the major reasons for yellow leaves of the marijuana plant is not adding the proper amount of nutrients. Nutrients make the plant healthy and strong. Lack of nutrients will weaken the growth of the plant and in some time, it will destroy completely.

How to treat this problem?

Add some good quality cannabis fertilizers in the plant. The fertilizers must have microelements for better growth of the plant.

Too Hot or Cold Temperature can Make New Growth Leaves Turning Yellow

During the initial growth stages, the plant of marijuana is susceptible to changing temperatures. The extreme hot or cold temperatures can turn the leaves of weed yellow.

How to treat it?

You should avoid keeping the plant in very hot or cold temperatures. For weed plant grown indoors, you can add more lights which bring the heat in the plant. Weed plants grown outdoors should be taken inside the house at night.

If the new growth leaves of weed grown indoors turn yellow due to extreme heat, you can switch on the air conditioner and fans. This will make the temperature cool for the growth of the plant. You can also build a shade to cover the plant from bright sunlight.

Pests and Microorganisms

Pests and bugs are some of the major reasons for yellow leaves of marijuana. These microorganisms and bugs can enter the crops from the clothes, pets or any other thing of the house. They can vary in size and shape. These bugs can destroy the harvest completely.

How to treat this problem?

You can seal the area where the plant of weed is kept. To avoid bugs and pests, choose the place which receives the proper amount of sunlight. You can also use chicken wire to stop deer, rabbits and other animals to destroy the crop. A grow wire is also a good choice to prevent weed grown indoors from pests and various bugs.

Light Burns

The artificial lights and lamps can also make the leaves yellow. If the plant is kept too close to the lamps, the leaves will become brown and yellow. On the other hand, the lack of proper light can cause making the leaves of marijuana plant yellow. They can also drop due to less amount of light. The high quality led grow lights for indoor plants comes with heat adjustment and with a proper user manual which helps a newbie.

How to treat this problem?

You should place the artificial lights by measuring the exact distance with the help of tape. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to hang the lights above the plants so that they do not do create hurdle in the growth of plants.

Adding more than the required quantity of nutrients

One of the main reasons for yellow leaves of weed is the overuse of fertilizers. It is important to know the right amount of nutrients to be added in the plant.

How to treat this problem?

You can visit many websites to get custom charts and feeding schedules. Besides that, you should follow the dosage instructions given on the bottle of fertilizers. You can add some pure water in the plant.


We discussed the most common reasons for yellow leaves of a weed plant. Growing marijuana indoors or outdoors is really a time-consuming task. You must take care at every stage of the life cycle of marijuana.

The yellow leaves indicate that there is a slight mistake. This mistake can give you a failure at the end. So now, you know the right tips to stop the leaves of marijuana getting yellow-colored. It is important to understand the marijuana plant life cycle so you can grow in the right way for the best results.

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