Marijuana Plant Life Cycle
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Many people want to grow marijuana plant indoors but many of them do not know the right tricks. Either they are confused about the selection of soil or the right amount of nutrients. Today, we will discuss the stages of the Marijuana plant life cycle in detail. This will help you in getting good quality marijuana plant.

Stages of Marijuana Plant Life Cycle

life cycle marijuana plant

1. Identifying the plant seed and storing it

The female plant is ideal for vaping, ingesting or smoking whereas male plant is not of any use. You should separately grow the female and male plants. This is because male plants pollinate female plants.

You should take a paper bag or envelope to keep the seeds of the same strain.  Put a label of strain name on the container so that the strains can be easily separated.

2. Germination of Seeds

The next stage in the Marijuana plant life cycle is the germination of the seed. After removing the seeds from the plant, you should keep them in a dry place. The next important thing is to grow male seeds and female seeds in totally different places.

You should gather all the male seeds and store them in a dry closet. Then gather the female seeds in a container filled with water. You can also wrap the seeds in a damp paper towel. Then you should keep these seeds in a warm and dark place for 24 hours. When the taproot appears from the seed, remove the seed from the container and plant it in healthy dirt. The taproot will start to grow by absorbing the nutrients

marijuana seedling

3. Seedling Stage

After germination, the seedling stage occurs. At this stage, the plant starts to get 2 embryonic leaves with the outward opening. The baby plant will further get the round pointed leaves which are the distinct identity of cannabis. Seedling phase can vary depending on several factors such as airflow, soil type, and quality of air, humidity, and duration of light.

Seedling stage in Marijuana plant life cycle can generally last for 3 to 4 weeks. But if it still takes a longer time, you should not worry as it will give a healthier plant.

4. Vegetative Stage

At this stage, the plant will give new nodes. These nodes will then give leaves and new branches. Take care to provide ample water, dry air, and organic nutrients to the plants for a better harvest.

During the vegetative stage, the plant will grow up to 3 feet within 3 to 6 weeks. The growth of the plant will on how fast the leaves convert the sunlight into chemical energy. Marijuana plant needs a maximum of 18 hours of sunlight per day to grow. If you want to grow marijuana indoors then the use of led grow lights can help to give proper light & heat to grow.

5. Pre-flowering Stage

The next stage in the Marijuana plant life cycle is pre-flowering which occurs between 1 to 5 months. You can distinguish the male and female plants clearly by some distinct features. The male plant will get a banana-like sack structure on the node regions.

Before the green sacs open, you should separate the male and female plants. If the sacs burst, the cola of female plants gets fertilized which will ruin the plants. When the duration of light reduces, the plant comes into the flowering stage.

marijuana flowering life cycle

6. Flowering Stage

At this stage, the plant will grow into leaves and sticks as the light decreases from 18 to 12 hours. You should add more potassium and nutrients containing phosphorus in the plant to get good flowers. When you notice trichome-saturated cola buds, it is a flowering stage. Milky white hairs will appear on these buds in the next 10 weeks. The important factor here is the light. You should keep plants in light not more than 12 hours per day.

7. Harvesting

The last stage is harvesting. You can know this from the pistils. When pistils become brown or reddish in color from white, the weed ripens. Besides that, you should see the color of trichome heads. If the color of trichome is amber, there is more amount of CBD in the plant.

Furthermore, if the trichomes fall off, the plant is of no medicinal use and you have to grow a new plant. You should harvest the crop when the trichomes are still opaque. During harvesting, you should cut the trunk from the roots with a pruning tool or scissors. Then cut the tree to small branches.

After cutting the plants, you should hang them upside down in a dark room for 6 days. Trim the stems and leaves. After the buds dry, place them in glass mason jar and store in a closet in the temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 weeks. You have to open the jar once in the week to allow the fresh air in the jar.


These are 7 stages is where you should take extreme care. You can get the best quality marijuana plant by maintaining the balance of various environmental factors.

By following these tips, you will get the marijuana plant good for medicinal uses. You can take it by smoking, ingesting or vaping.

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