MarsHydro 300W LED Grow Lights
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The MarsHydro 300w LED grow light is a grow light that is used primarily for growing indoor plants. It works equally well with both the plants grown with hydroponics or in the soil. The vegetables that can be grown with this light include tomatoes, pepper lettuce, potatoes and so on. Furthermore, these are the best led grow lights that can be used in all growing environments such as grow rooms and grow tents. Apart from that, they are also very easy to assemble to use. Like most Led grow light reviews, this one covers the features in detail, along with the specs, pros, and cons.



The lights give off a full spectrum while glowing in a soft purple tint. It emits the entire wavelength that is required by the plants for proper growth and fruition. It can be used at all stages of growth from seedling to the harvest and works excellently with vegetables as well as flowers

Energy saving

The lights are highly energy efficient. They consume 132 Watt, plus or minus 10 watts and can be used to perfectly replace the 150 W hps grow light


The lights can give coverage of 2 by 2 feet. 4 of these lights can easily give a full coverage over an area of 4 by 4 cubic feet. It should be kept at a height of 12 to 30 inches above the growing plants

Ease of use

The lights have very simple control. You can plug in for power and unplug to turn it off. The light is also compatible with an auto timer so that you do not have to stand guard all the time

Safe and eco-friendly

The MarsHydro 300w LED grow lights have passed all the safety tests required for the IS authoritative ETL certification. They are made using eco-friendly processes and do not use any chemicals. Each of the LED is made with high-quality material and do not give off the typical electronic smell.

MarsHydro 300W LED Grow Light

Specifications of the MarsHydro 300w LED Grow Light

  • The noise level is 56 dB
  • The noise frequency is 50 to 60 Hz
  • It draws a voltage of 85 to 265 volts
  • It has a total lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • It has a total weight of 5.58 lbs or 2.53 kg
  • It offers a PAR of 445 umols at a height of 18 inches
  • It has a dimension of 12 by 18 by 3 inches
  • It has a mixed LED view angle of 90/120 degree
  • At 110v, it offers 4377 lumens while at 220V, it offers 4281 lumen
  • The lights use high intensity LED chips of 5 Watt
  • There are 60 LED pieces in one light
  • Gives a wide light spectrum
Pro Green check Do not give off too much heat to cause the effects of sunburn
Pro Green check The different components are very easy to assemble
Pro Green check Comes with an authentic warranty period of 12 months
Pro Green check There is a 30-day money back guarantee on the product
Pro Green check These are the best led grow lights for reducing energy consumption

Con Yellow check If not all, you will keep losing a few of the LED lights on the panel

Conclusion on the MarsHydro 300w LED Grow Light

These lights help you get a good harvest under all growing conditions. They do not trigger deficiencies or disease and give rise to perfectly healthy plants. The lights produce all the wavelengths that are to be absorbed by the plants.


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