Benfits of a Garden
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We all like to sit and relax in a beautiful garden. Few sights are more pleasing than a kaleidoscope of colorful plants. The sound of trees and bushes rustling journeys us away to a state of calm. Most gardeners get insufficient opportunity to enjoy these pleasures, though. So much effort is used to bring the garden up to scratch that there is not enough time left to relax. This should not be the case as gardening is the perfect tonic after a hard day at the office. We need to taste the fruits of our labors. Here are some ways in which to do just that…

Whacking Weeds And Burning Pounds

Weed cutting with scythe

While there are many tools to make life easier in the garden, why not swap your weed eater for manual shears or a scythe occasionally? Blitz those pesky weeds by hand and get a workout at the same time! Fitness clubs encourage people to exercise as the release of endorphins fills the body with a sense of accomplishment and joy. These endorphins are not geographically aware – you don’t have to go to the gym. As long as you are exerting yourself, your body will dispense those magical, happiness-bringing endorphins.

So…you can save on a gym membership and get fit while shaping your garden into the bright haven of peace you just know is buried under those weeds.

Making Plans And Filling Timeslots

Modern life is busy regardless of whether you are working full-time or retired.There is always something that needs doing. The inbuilt relaxation element to gardening is the ability to plan ahead and fit tasks around your personal commitments. You do not have to do everything in one go. As long as you make a plan for sowing seeds and turn soil you need never be in a rush. This is something not so easily said about other areas of our life.

The Gift You Buy The Person Who Has Everything

We all know a friend who owns everything. On their birthday or at Christmas, you’re always stuck for ideas. Maybe it is you who has everything? Perhaps you find it difficult to suggest to others a gift you would particularly like? Well, gardening can cure that. Magazines are bursting with ideas. Ask yourself what you want to achieve in your garden. Books include detailed guides on how to grow a giant pumpkin or cultivate that rare orchid.

Garden Vegetables for diet

Eat A Better Diet For A Fraction Of The Cost

Most root vegetables such as carrots, turnips, green beans and potatoes are extremely easy to grow. With spiraling food costs at the supermarket, these dietary staples are rapidly slipping into the ‘treat’ category. This need not be so. Picture the satisfaction of sitting down to a family meal with one hundred percent of the food eaten coming from your garden. If you like to eat meat with your meal, imagine you’ve cooked a beef hotpot and the base ingredients are all from your garden. Not only will the produce be fresher, you can also control exactly what goes into your body.

Attracting Wildlife

Relaxation Benefits of Keeping a Garden - Wildlife in garden

Here are a few prompts for attracting diverse wildlife into your flourishing garden.

  • A garden is not just for plants. With very little effort, you can coax in some new wildlife friends
  • Building a log pile to encourage biodiversity is a smart move
  • Make a teepee-shaped log pile to lure in hedgehogs
  • Leave a pile of fallen leaves in a corner to attract frogs, toads and slug-eating centipedes
  • Put up birdfeeders. A victory for everyone: you get to enjoy the company of birds while they get a good feed!

Give Something Back To The Environment

Gardening is great for the environment. There are very few chemicals available to the average gardener that will damage wildlife. Why not start collecting rainwater or cultivating native plants.?Think about cutting out all the chemicals and operate an entirely organic garden.

Give Your Brain A Rest

We’ve already covered the physical health benefits of tending a garden but gardening has been proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. It also has positive effects on cholesterol levels. It might please you to know that having a prize garden can increase both the price and saleability of your property.

Harness The Feeling Of Self-Satisfaction

Gardening is a form of art. You have a chance to express yourself in the flowers you plant and the colors you achieve. Unlike many experiences in life, gardening does not bring instant gratification. You have to think about design and sowing times. Then you must nurture and some would say even talk to your plants! Getting your garden ready for summer could take you six months of constant work but the feeling of self-satisfaction when you’re sat in a comfortable chair, sipping on your favorite drink and listening to the rustle of the bushes is far more gratifying than today’s instant fixes.

Create A Beautiful Space For The Children

Relaxation Benefits of Keeping a Garden - Space for the kids

If you have children, or your neighbors or relatives bring children to your home, they will want to play outside in the garden.You have the ability to create a space of color that those children will remember for the rest of their lives.

Caution: make sure to keep them away from the roses!

Let The Perfectionist In You Take A Back Seat

You don’t need to obsess about getting everything exactly right. The most attractive gardens do not need to be excessively manicured. This can end up looking sterile. They should mirror a natural landscape with plenty of wildlife.

  • If, you have not started gardening yet, why not? The benefits are massive, the negatives few.
  • You can improve your mental and physical health
  • You can use your time effectively for a long-term project that will give you a wonderful feeling inside
  • You can have an area of tranquil peace
  • You can increase the value of your property
  • You can enjoy your own organic produce
  • The list of positives for gardening is almost endless!
  • Pick up that magazine, dust off the shovel, and enjoy having green fingers.

The garden is waiting for you. I can hear it calling your name!

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