Top 10 Flowers for Growing in a Greenhouse
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Greenhouses revolutionized the gardening game since it was invented. It has been the go-to planting method for those who want to grow their fruit and vegetable seedlings successfully. But what about flowers? Surely, there are the top 10 flowers for growing in a greenhouse.

Things to Consider

Unlike fruits and vegetables, ornamentals are quite finicky when they are grown inside a greenhouse. That is because for that specific plant to bloom, there are a lot of special factors that should be set in place.

Of course, you want your flowers to bloom because why else would you be growing them if they are only composed of leaves, right? So, here are some things to keep in mind that can be applied to the top 10 flowers for growing in a greenhouse.

  • Lighting System: Most flowers tend to bloom under the red and blue light, but this does not mean that you should only expose them to these two colors. They still need natural sunlight and the occasional green and yellow light.
  • Moisture: Come blooming time, flowering plants love soil with high moisture content, so make sure that your water system is scheduled correctly to keep that water in the soil intact. Do take note of the insulation and heating system as well, because setting them too frequently or high can lead to fast evaporation.
  • Planting Method: This will depend on what plant you are planning to grow. Some flowers love being planted straight to the soil, while others need to be in pots. There are even some that need to be in pots first, and then eventually be transferred into the soil.
  • Flower Variety: You have to know which ornamentals can be planted next to each other. As surprising as it might sound, some flowers are like “enemies” of another flowering plant, so they tend to overshadow the other plant, and the plant will eventually die.

With all those things in mind, let us now move on to the ornamentals that will thrive inside a greenhouse.

Top 10 Flowers for Growing in a Greenhouse

1. Amazon Lilies

Amazon Lily Best Flowers for growing in a greenhouseAmazon lilies are a perennial and bulbous plant. It is well-known for its grand white petals that sometimes have a tinge of green in them, while its leaves are glossy and waxy.

It is best to be grown in a greenhouse because it both loves to be planted straight to the ground or in pots. At the same time, they enjoy the partial shade, so you can place them anywhere in the greenhouse, except in the center.

2. African Violets

African VioletAfrican Violets have dainty flowers that bloom in clusters and have a range of color purple. There are even times that the flowers mix with white, yellow, and green. Additionally, a bed of lettuce-like leaves bundles the flowers.

They love high moisture content which is why they can be grown in a greenhouse with a good watering system. They also thrive at a temperature that is as close to the open air.

3. Chenille Plants

chenille plantChenille Plants are caterpillar-looking flowers, which are really just their fuzzy pistils. They have a bright red color and waxy and long leaves. What is interesting is that unlike other flowers, they do not have a characteristic scent.

These flowers love direct sunlight and high temperatures, so they can be placed in the middle of the greenhouse. They can also survive in different types of soils.

4. Chinese Hibiscus

Chinese HibiscusChinese Hibiscus has very feathery petals that can come in a lot of colors and they tend to have a “tongue” of pistils extending outwards. Also, they have shorter leaves.

Just like the previous one, they love sunlight and high humidity, making them great flowers to be placed inside the greenhouse.

5. Roses

RosesRoses do not need much introduction as most of us are familiar with them. But they tend to blossom individually and are picky with their environment.

Roses need to be rotated from sunlight to shade, so you can place them at the sides of the greenhouse. They also like to be planted next to another rose.

These are my absolute favorites to grow and then later I transplant them in my yard.

6. Orchids

OrcidOrchids like the sun but they also thrive in the shade.

They come in a variety of colors and bloom every once in a while, depending on their current health.

They are best grown inside a greenhouse because they can be protected by the screens that provide proper moisture but still keep the air inside cool.

Check out our beginners guide to growing orchids.

7. Geraniums

GeraniumsGeraniums tend to bloom all the time and have little and fluttery petals that bloom in clusters under one stem.

They are typically pink, but there are white ones as well. They can be positioned anywhere in the greenhouse except at the center since the petals might bake.

8. Poinsettias

PoinsettiasBranded as the “Christmas plant,”

Poinsettias have the typical wide and red petal that resembles the shape of its leaves. They also usually have yellow pistils at the center.

They are pretty much a “water it and leave it” type of plant, which is perfect for greenhouses that do not have a lighting system or water system.

9. Petunias

PetuniasPetunias bloom almost all year round, and they love to be transplanted straight to the ground.

My favorite part about petunias is that one plant can bloom in various colors, and they have clover-like petals. So you always get a surprise

You can pretty much just scatter their seeds inside the greenhouse, and the ground will be filled with a lot of blooming flowers. Hence, they are the easiest ornamentals to maintain.

10. Chrysanthemums

ChrysanthemumsChrysanthemum petals are thinner than usual, but they always bloom from only one thin stem. The colors can be yellow, white, pink, and purple, and it is one of the prettiest varieties of perennials.

This flower loves the sun, and it can be planted both in pots and in the ground. It also does not need a lot of care, so you can place it near other ornamentals or even vegetables.

Summary of the Top Flowers for Growing in a Greenhouse

The ornamentals we mentioned are the easiest ones to take care of inside a greenhouse; you might just not even notice that they are except when they are in full bloom. Just remember to place them at the right spot when you first plant them.

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