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It is not surprising to find the number of greenhouses increasing by the day. After all they allow gardeners to extend the season. They also allow crop growth in a temperature-controlled environment, which helps protect the plants from frost. They have enabled people to enjoy their favorite vegetables and fruits during most part of the year, unlike earlier times when they would be available only during certain months. So, what are the best vegetables to grow in a greenhouse? Here are the top 10 choices for you.


By: Richard North

It is counted among the most grow greenhouse crop. This vegetable is a powerhouse of nutrients. You name the mineral or vitamin and spinach contains them. Moreover, growing this vegetable in a greenhouse requires minimal maintenance.


By: Gary Stevens

There is perhaps no corner of the world, where peppers are not loved. The unique quality of pepper to make almost any dish tastier has been known to mankind for centuries now. There are several varieties of pepper that you can try growing. The color and smell of the plants will help bring your greenhouse to life.

Leafy greens

By: Marco Verch

Leafy greens are the perennial favorites when it comes to plants to be grown in a greenhouse. You can try out a wide range of leafy greens, each with differing tastes. They make for excellent additions to salads. Since they are almost always in demand, they can also fetch you good income, should you decide to sell them to neighborhood grocery stores or large departmental stores.

Micro greens

By: Marco Verch

These are again packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Adding to their popularity is the fact that they make for healthy and delicious snacks.


By: Stuart Webster

Gone are the days when cucumbers would make their appearance only in summers. Thanks to greenhouses they are now available almost year-round. Fresh cucumbers make for mouthwatering salads. However, they need to be taken good care of when they are growing.


By: S B

For those who like to experiment you can try growing different varieties of tomatoes. Apart from being a culinary delight, they can also help add colors to your greenhouse garden.


By: missbossy

If you are looking for the perfect topping for salads, then don’t look beyond coriander. This plant, like cucumbers, needs special attention. Regular watering and optimum light should be provided for a good crop of this leafy vegetable.

Green beans

By: Mike Licht

They are again a very popular greenhouse vegetable. Rich in essential nutrients, they are used in a variety of delicious dishes. Coming in different shapes, as well as lengths, you can also sell them at good prices to wholesalers.


By: cristina.sanvito

Chilies are a must for adding flavor to dishes. Both the red and the green varieties are in demand these days. One of the best vegetables to grow in a greenhouse, they also fetch good prices in farm markets.

Swiss chard

By: LollyKnit

A key ingredient in Mediterranean cooking, it has now gained worldwide popularity. They are again nutritional powerhouses being packed with vitamins A, C and K, apart from minerals such as potassium, zinc and magnesium.

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