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If you want to extend the growing season of your plants and safeguard those new and young plants, then having the best cold frame greenhouse is a must. This is a more affordable and significantly smaller alternative to those polycarbonate greenhouses which house advanced technological features and are very large.

For those folks who don’t know what a cold frame greenhouse is, it is a pretty small sized greenhouse structure that has four sides, is quite low to the ground, and comes with a transparent top which allows the sun to get inside. It keeps the plants warm, especially during cold weathers, as well as safe from animals and harsh conditions.

You will find several experienced gardeners taking advantage of these little greenhouses especially during the autumn months as they become an extension of the summer growing season. If you’re in need of one, you’re in luck since we’ll review four amazing cold frame greenhouses.

Best Cold Frame Greenhouse Reviews

After speaking to several experts and trying out a plethora of cold frame greenhouses ourselves, we finally managed to narrow it down to four amazing cold frame greenhouses. These are well known for their sturdy and high-quality build. Let’s review each of them briefly:

Giantex Garden Portable Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

Available in four different sizes, the Giantex Garden Portable Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse is an excellent product which is structured with only high-quality and heavy-duty wood that guarantees long-lasting durability. The greenhouses’ structure follows the scientific principle to the T and is quite strong to hold all the seed trays, the pots, and also the weight of the growing plant.

This greenhouse comes with two top parts which can be easily opened or closed. This can be fixed with the help of the two bolts on the two sides.

This makes it perfect during sunny days when you wish to open this top and let the plants absorb all the sunlight. Also, during the rainy season, it helps keep the greenhouse shut so that water won’t get inside.

In addition to the quick and easy foldable top, the greenhouse is also easy to assemble and move. You can detach all the parts easily, allowing you to set it up whenever and wherever you would like as the season shifts. The best part: you don’t even require any tools to do this.

Pro Green check Durable frame
Pro Green check Tool-free assembly and detachment
Pro Green check Comes in four different size options
Pro Green check Suited for summer and rainy days
Con Yellow check Unclear assembly instructions
Con Yellow check Too light

Exaco Trading Company Juwel BioStar Cold Frame Greenhouse

The Exaco Trading Company Juwel BioStar Cold Frame Greenhouse is available in one size. Its dimensions are 32 x 59 x 20 inches, and weight is about 23 pounds. This cold frame greenhouse will provide you with a comfortable space to get started on the growing season.

The greenhouse is imported from Austria, and it features three roof windows along with one that comes with an automatic opener. All the panels are made from an 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate. This provides an incredibly high level of insulation in comparison to several other cold frame greenhouses on the market.

The greenhouse comes with a unique no-drip coating that will help prevent any excess condensation from forming around the plants. Additionally, it has a child-safe design that has rounded corners. It is quite rugged and can easily support even up to six feet of snow.

The greenhouse can be easily disassembled. It also does a great job in keeping your plants well protected.

Pro Green check Provides maximum safety
Pro Green check Condensation-free
Pro Green check All-season design and durability
Pro Green check Comes with a 10-year guarantee against yellowing
Con Yellow check No wind-proof locks on the top vents

Outsunny Vented Cold Frame Greenhouse

The Outsunny Cold Frame Greenhouse is available in two different sizes. You can choose between a mini 39 inches greenhouse and a massive 71 inches greenhouse. This is made using a lightweight aluminum frame along with rust-resistant hardware which prevents any corrosion from occurring and affecting the greenhouses’ components.

It also features transparent polycarbonate panels which allow maximum sunlight to come in and retain its heat for early seed sprouting or to protect the plants. Additionally, it comes with adjustable roof openings which provide the greenhouse with ample ventilation and also quick access to the plants.

This greenhouse comes with a large growing space. It has a peak height which measures more than 18 inches. This allows your small plants to have ample space to grow vertically while keeping them safe from squirrels and other small animals.

Pro Green check Comes in two sizes
Pro Green check Allows maximum sunlight
Pro Green check Accommodates small and large plants
Pro Green check Durable
Con Yellow check Assembly takes time

VonHaus 4 Tier Portable Mini Compact Greenhouse

The VonHaus Portable Mini Compact Greenhouse is without a doubt a beautiful, simple, and highly effective mini greenhouse which is perfect for growing plants. Starting off with its dimensions, it measures at 63 x 28 x 20 inches and weighs barely about 11 pounds. This makes it extremely lightweight and portable. However, don’t be fooled by its simplicity, the compact greenhouse comes with a strong powder coated steel frame.

Further, this greenhouse is ideal to use all year round and requires absolutely no tools to fully assemble it. It also takes just a couple of minutes to fully assemble it.

Lastly, the VonHaus Portable Mini Compact Greenhouse comes with a compact four-tier design. This makes more space for plants and makes it ideal for small patios, gardens, decks, and more. These four tiers have a strong wire shelf which has a capacity to hold up to 18 pounds. Each tier is made from weather-resistant and transparent PVC cover which comes with a roll-up zip panel door to safely cover the plants.

Pro Green check Attractive four-tier design
Pro Green check Lightweight
Pro Green check Made from a strong powder coated steel
Pro Green check Easy assembling
Con Yellow check Needs to be tied down if there are strong winds

Conclusion on the Best Cold Frame Greenhouse

The products reviewed above are four of the best cold frame greenhouses that will allow you to easily cultivate your plants even when the weather is not conducive. All of the greenhouses are built using sturdy materials.

Amongst them, we personally liked the Exaco Trading Company Juwel BioStar Cold Frame Greenhouse. This product is flawlessly sized and weighs precisely enough to hold itself down. It comes with some unique features that keep the plants safe too, which is why we preferred this one over the other three.

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