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Before I get into the different options, I want to start by showing you my favorite and top pick for best greenhouse shelving!

I’ve got to be honest though – it’s nothing fancy but it works! Take a look:

Sandusky Gray Combination Wire Shelving Unit — Best Greenhouse Shelving


Options Available For Greenhouse Shelving To Keep You Organized


Plastic is light enough to be moved, making it the best option if the shelving is going to be move with any frequency.

It is also usually the cheapest available material, and offers the greatest number of options when it comes to colors.

However, it does not adapt well to new uses and has the smallest longevity of any of the choices available, and its colors are the first to fade in the sunlight.

Keter 5-Shelf Heavy Duty Utility Plastic Freestanding Ventilated Shelving Unit is my choice for plastic shelving.


Metal Greenhouse ShelvingMetal, on the other hand, is the easiest to secure and hardest to break into, but is also the heaviest and needs to be treated if it is to be set outside to avoid rusting.

Metal shelves are better, especially as they resist bowing and are extremely sturdy, but they need to be anchored properly.

They also need to be placed in a room in order to properly secure, meaning that they need more planning than other storage methods.

At the same time, however, they can be easily adjusted to fit the load and shape of boxes that need to be stored, and can be moved around easily enough to simplify projects.



Wood Greenhouse Shelves Wood shelves are easy to build and customize.

However, if not done properly, wooden shelves can be too rickety, and tend to bow over time if they are designed wrong.

Also, wood shelves need to be water resistant by being from cedar or treated.  If not, the wood will rot and you will get lots of mold due to the humidity.

With wood, you not only have your custom options but you do have some pre-designed options such as crates or boxes that can be repurposed.



crate greenhouse shelvesCrates are another option. They can be easily secured, especially as they come with latches for locks, and can be easily arranged as needed.

They can also be used to create shelves by properly arranging their lids, making some sturdy shelves. However, they can be easily knocked over and easily removed unless properly secured.

However, for those looking for a modular build securing them can be a problem; these means that if you want to be able to move tools around easily you have to make a choice between easy portability and security.


Boxes can be a fun option. They come in two basic varieties: Closed boxes and tool boxes.

Closed boxes can be stacked on top of each other; while it works for organization and provides secure storage there is the problem that to get to a particular box requires unstacking the stack to get to it. Also, unless they are clear it requires some serious organization or time and effort will be wasted in tracking down the right box.

A tool box is great for anything that needs to moved around, especially considering it comes with wheels, but may not be good for other items.

What Factors to Consider for Shelving?

Greenhouses, as I am sure you know, have a serious need for storage space, given how many supplies it takes to keep one going. Between the fertilizer, seed, and tools, storage space is always at a premium. There is also the question of how to keep the space secure, especially given that there are some things that one should keep away from children.

Regardless of which system you decide on, keep in mind that you will need at least minimal security. This is not to necessarily ensure that the supplies and such are not stolen but to avoid accidents involving children.

Shelving should fit your needs, so make the best choices for your greenhouse.

Casters vs. Leveling Legs

Some metal greenhouse benches and stands have both casters and level leveling legs whereas some only have one or the other. Casters are a huge plus if you plan on moving things around or bringing the unit inside for winter storage. The big plus with casters–you won’t have to deal with the hassle of taking all the plants off to get rid of some of the weight.

Weight Capacity

All gardeners know that a pot full of soil can get quickly. Choose a stand that can support your plants’ weight. Afterall, you don’t want them to come crashing down on you. Some shelves may only support 25lbs where others can support up to 300 to 500lbs. The larger the wegith, the bulkier the shelves


I’m sure you’ve noticed that greenhouse shelving is not very different from everyday storage shelves. Those who have a few plants could certainly place other items on the shelves they’re not using. The versatility boils down to the weight limit, design, and size.

Rust or Rot Resistance

If you plan on placing the shelving outside, it’s a good idea to get a piece that includes powder coating. The powder coatings primary purpose is to protect from rust and scratches. Choosing a stand that’s powder coated vs not will also save you money in the long run because it increases the life of metal greenhouse benches.  If you opt for wood, make sure you get on from cedar or treated wood.  Otherwise, it will rot and have mold with all the humidity.

Adjustability and Height

Since some plants can grow inches in a matter of a couple months, it might be worthwhile to go with an adjustable bench. With an adjustable stand, you can typically raise and lower each shelf in inch increments.  As for height, if there are lots of adjustable options, then the height isn’t as important.  However, if the shelves are fixed, then you need to look at the height of the plants and pots you plan on using to make sure there is enough room for growth.


No matter your choice of materials for your shelves, make sure your choice meets your needs.  Most will often choose wood.  It is usually the default as it offers the ability to quickly adapt to the needs of the builder. Wood is also easy to clean, and is light enough to be moved easily–assuming you don’t over engineer the shelf like my Grandfather.  With the addition of a padlock it is also easy to secure, and will last long outside, especially if it has been treated.

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